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Wiener Menu

Our Beer

At Lucky Louie’s, we know that beer and wieners go together! That’s why we feature over 300 different domestic, imported, and craft beers to go along with our eclectic wiener menu. Bring some friends and enjoy!

Our Wieners

We use only Smith’s Natural Casing Wieners.
We offer 25 different Vegetarian options. Any menu item marked with a Vegetarian can be made with a Vegetarian dog.

Our Wiener Menu

Moby Dick

Smith’s 2 lb. Garlic Ring Bologna, Pierogis, Greek Sauce, Kraut, Chili, Cheese, Grilled Onion, Fried Eggs, Cream Cheese, Ketchup, Frank’s Red Hot. T-shirt included.

Nude Louie

Plain - you add the toppings. Vegetarian

Blazing Saddles

Cream Cheese, Baked Beans, Thai Chilies, Grilled Pineapple, Caramelized Brown Sugar, Bacon, Sriracha.Vegetarian

Booty Call

Pickles, Slaw, Pulled Pork, Mayo, BBQ Sauce.


1000 Island, Lettuce, Cheddar Sauce, Pickles, Onion. Vegetarian

Dixie Normous

Chili, Shredded Cheddar, Slaw, Mustard. Vegetarian

The Yinzer

Smith’s Andouille Sausage, Pierogis, Kraut, French Fried Onions, Melted Cheddar, Chipotle Seasoning, Stadium Mustard, Sour Cream. Vegetarian

Wieners Rancheros

Chili, Shredded Cheddar & Mozzarella, Jalapeños, Fried Egg, Chipotle Seasoning, Bacon, Sour Cream. Vegetarian

Reuben Dog

Swiss Cheese, Kraut, Thousand Island Dressing. Vegetarian

Yankee Dog

Mustard and Kraut on a Pretzel Bun. Vegetarian

Fenway Frank

Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Onions, on a New England Bun. Vegetarian

Chicago Dog

Relish, Onions, Dill Pickle, Tomato, Sport Peppers, Mustard and Celery Salt. Vegetarian

Mexi Dog

Bacon, Taco Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Sour Cream, Jalapeños.

Chili Dog

Chili, Cheese, Jalapeños, Sour Cream. Vegetarian

Hog Dog

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Pepperoni, Cheese Sauce. Vegetarian


Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, and Choice of Cheese. Vegetarian

Neener Wiener

Chili, Cheese Sauce, Onion, Mustard and Crushed Potato Chips. Vegetarian

Italian Job

Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese, Pizza Sauce, Basil. Non-Refundable! Vegetarian

Asian Invasion

Cabbage, Sweet Chili Sauce, Wasabi Sauce, Crunchy Rice Noodles. Vegetarian

Seattle Dog

Cream Cheese, Grilled Onions, Seasoned with Chipotle Seasoning. Vegetarian

Franks n Beans

Baked Beans, Bacon, Onion, Mustard, Brown Sugar. Vegetarian

Philly Cheese Steak

Grilled Philly Steak, Peppers & Onions, Mozzarella, Cheese Sauce.

Nacho Dog

Diced Wieners, Chili, Cheese Sauce, Jalapeños, Sour Cream. Served over Tortilla Chips. Vegetarian

Double Dog

Add Another Dog to Your Bun. Vegetarian

Octo Dog

Eight legs, your choice of toppings! Served over a sea of chips.

Happy Ending

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog on a Stick, Rolled in Brown Sugar and Carmelized.

Firehouse B.G.A.

Created for the E.F.D. This Weenie is covered in Chili, Jalapeños, Onions, Pineapple, Sriracha Sauce and Sour Cream. Vegetarian

Judy's Ash Street Greek

An Erie Favorite! Lower East Side SPICY Greek Sauce, Onion, Mustard and Cheese Sauce.

Breakfast Beard

Smith’s Andouille Sausage on a French-Toasted Bun, Fried Egg and Bacon Topped with Maple Syrup and Powdered Sugar. Add Cream Cheese for a Little Extra Breakfasty Feel. Vegetarian

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Smith’s Cheddarbest, Kraut, Horsey Cheddar Sauce, Honey Mustard on a Buttery, Salted Pretzel Bun.

Screamin Neener

Smith’s Andouille Sausage, Judy’s Spicy Greek Sauce, Thai Chilies, Jalapeños, Sriracha, Crushed Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips.

Our Wiener Menu Options


Switch any wiener to a Smith’s Andouille sausage, Cheddar Best or Jumbo Smart Dog (Vegetarian).


Add any extra topping(s) to your wiener.

Lucky Louie’s Magically Delicious Wiener as featured on the official Lucky Louie’s Facebook Page.
You missed it! The "Magically Delicious" is one of our Facebook Featured Wieners. Will we bring it back? Our loyal Facebook Fans get the inside scoop, but the rest of the world may never know.
Lucky Louie’s Dixie Normous Wiener.
Lucky Louie’s "Dixie Normous".
Lucky Louie’s Erie Beer & Wieners Mexi Dog features bacon, taco sauce, cheese wiz, jalapenos and sour cream.
Lucky Louie’s "Mexi Dog".
Lucky Louie’s Blazing Saddles hot dog.
Lucky Louie’s "Blazing Saddles".
Lucky Louie’s Booty Call Dog has pulled pork and a Smith’s Wiener.
Lucky Louie’s "Booty Call".
Lucky Louie’s Erie Beer & Wieners Chicago Dog will blow you away.  It’s got a classic Smith’s wiener topped with relish, onions, mustard, dill pickle spear, tomato, sport peppers and celery salt!
Lucky Louie’s "Chicago Dog".
The Moby Dick – Our Whale of a Wiener. It consists of a Smith’s 2 lb. Garlic Ring Bologna, Pierogies, Greek Sauce, Kraut, Chili, Cheese, Grilled Onion, Bacon, Fried Eggs, Cream Cheese, Ketch, Frank’s Extra Hot. T-shirt included.
Lucky Louie’s "Moby Dick":

Smith’s 2 lb. Garlic Ring Bologna, Pierogies, Greek Sauce, Kraut, Chili, Cheese, Grilled Onion, Bacon, Fried Eggs, Cream Cheese, Ketch, Frank’s Extra Hot. T-shirt included.

This is Nick. His attempt to finish the "Moby Dick" was unsuccessful.
Lucky Louie’s Moby Dick T-Shirt.
We’ve Got a Whale of a Wiener!

With the purchase of every "Moby Dick", you get a Lucky Louie’s Whale of a Wiener t-shirt.